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These gorgeous, essential oil gemstone roller bottles can hold 10mL of perfume and is convenient to carry with you everywhere. There are for creating your own DIY non toxic scents so please note they do not contain essential oils, they are for you to use your imagination and explore the wonderful world of essential oils.


Unlike conventional perfumes, essential oil crystal bottle are toxic-free and have been used therapeutically for thousands of years. They are made up of microscopic, lipid-soluble molecules that are harvested from the highest quality plants and are so concentrated that you only need a small amount to enjoy the results. Applied topically they can penetrate through the cell membranes and travel throughout the body very quickly. Inhaled, the molecules travel to the lungs and also interact with both the brain and respiratory system.

Smokey Quartz neutralises negative energy and assists you to let go of old, stale patterns that may holding you back, leaving space for more positive energy to enter.


Flourite is said to represent extraterrestrial wisdom and increases your intuitive abilities, deepening connection to Spirit.


Essential Oil Blend Suggestion - these are for fragrances but you can use Essential Oils for so many other uses, headaches, nausea, sleep.


Idea #1 - 8d Frankincense, 8d Clary Sage, 5d Grapefruit, 5d Lemon, 5d Wild Orange, 5d Bergamot & Carrier Oil

Idea #2 - 20d Sweet Orange, 15d Ylang-Ylang, 10d Cedarwood OR Sandalwood, Carrier Oil

Idea #3 - 3d Rose, 2d Jasmine, 4d Neroli, 6d Bergamot, 5d Coriander, Carrier Oil

Idea #4 -2d Rosemary, 3d Peppermint, 5d Cedarwood, 10d Sweet Orange, Carrier Oil


To use your bottle: Remove the roller ball lid. Add up to 10 drops of various oils of your choice, then fill to the top with a carrier oil. You can use fractionated coconut oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed, jojoba or sweet almond oil. Make sure that the roller ball it re-fitted snuggly.

Please Note: These bottles contain ONLY natural crystal gemstones, and do NOT contain any essential oils or perfume. Add your own oil blend or perfume by following the instructions below. Each purchase is for ONE bottle only, as described above.

Essential Oil Gemstone Roller Bottle - 10ml