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During the stay at home times and lockdowns the one thing I have enjoyed has been rediscovering slow cooking and taking time to create little ceremonies, opportunities to breathe.  Using this juicer instead of a noisy machine or something out of the fridge does slow down time and the smell of the lemons and oranges is a welcome respite from the lockdown blues.


Designed in Australia by the very clever people from Heaven In Earth.  The Citrus juicer is designed with a rigid glass dome, you’ll find it squeezes out citrus juice with satisfying ease, and complete with a conveniently lipped measuring jug it’s perfect for pouring your refreshing juice into a glass or bowl. Altogether it makes for an ideal addition to your kitchen, offering that extra squeeze of charm and style.

Crafted in quality glass, with a variety of measurements and a sizable capacity, you’ll always be able to squeeze out the perfect amount of juice, whether you're working in cups, ounces or fractions of a pint, this Glass Juicer and Jug caters for every type of measurement, making it a must have kitchen accessory.

Wash before use.

Glass Juicer


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