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Pretty vintage glass jelly moulds.  Bubbles on top for that storybook jelly look (think Beatrice Potter books and those two very bad mice Hunca Munca).  The little round green one is uranium glass and has a small crack in the top.


Option 1: 21.5cm L x 14.5cm W x 10H Diamond Shape Larger one

Option 2: 17.5cm L x 11.5 x 8.5Hcm W Diamond Shape Smaller one with a crack on one face

Option 3:  17L x 10W x 8H

Option 4: 17L x 10W x 8H

Option 5: 16.4 L x 11W x 9H

Option 6: 14L x 10W x 9H

Option 7: 12cm H 8cm D 8.5 H

Option 8: 13cm D x 8H Uranium Glass fine crack over the top

Vintage Jelly Moulds

PriceFrom $25.00

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