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Collectors dream.  Lovely old pennants dating back to the 40's for some.  Scouting and travel, felt and satin.  The felt ones are my favourite and have held their colour so well over all this time.


South Australia Scouts - 52cm L x 22cm H

Trinidad & Tobago - 60cm L x 17cm H

Auckland - 56cm L x 20cm H

RMS Iberia - 41cm L x 23cm H

Lynchwood Scouts - 29cm L x 15cm H

1948 - 49 Australian Scouts - 35cm L x 17cm H

Norfolk Broads - 43cm L x 22cm H

Tamworth Rally - 35.5cm L x 17cm H

Vintage Scout and Travel Pennants

PriceFrom $40.00